Nexans EcoCalculator: Optimise energy efficiency

Sustainable development drives economic growth and is also a powerful vehicle for progress.Sustainable development have three dimensions:

  • Economic, because sustainable development involves optimizing energy consumption and ensuring that installations and equipment are energy efficient ;
  • Social, because projects must respond to the need for increased mobility of people and goods, encourage access to electricity to ensure users’ quality of life and meet safety requirements in every market ;
  • Environmental, in limiting the environmental impact, optimizing energy consumption and encouraging the development of renewable energy.

Focus is on the economical dimension

 EcoCalculator is a tool aimed at helping you choose the best cable solution to achieve Energy Efficiency, reduced Carbon Footprint and improved Safety of people in case of fire, whilst ensuring a good return on Investment.

The purpose of EcoCalculator is to focus on energy losses during the use phase, due to that the environmental impact of a power cable is predominantly in this phase.


Focuses on building cables

The tool focuses on building cables. Why building? Given the current reality in the construction industry players at all levels in this market are beginning to move towards sustainable buildings.

Products available within the EcoCalculator are low voltage cables, up to 1 kV – 3 phase. Calculations are based on the IEC 60287 and IEC 60228 international standards.

User friendly tool

The calculation requires that a technical calculation has been done. You select the cable type and area you will use in your installation.

There after you will fill in a number of parameters such as load, length of cable, estimated lifetime and utilization.

From the information filled in, an economic and environmental assessment in which the results / benefits of each cable propsed by the EcoCalculator will be presented according to three criteria: 

ECO_bullet.Energy_blue_60 Save energy:
EcoCalculator will show how much energy you save in kWh and SEK.

ECO_bullet_CO2_blue_60 Reduce carbon footprint:
EcoCalculator will show how much you will reduce the carbon foorprint in kg equivalent to CO2.

ECO_bullet_Life_blue_60 Save lives:
EcoCalculator uses only HFFR cables.