Instructions for complaints

Complaints and returns can only be made by customers ordering directly from Nexans. If the article is purchased from a wholesaler or similar, complaints must be notified there.

Instructions for handling complaints

1.  Notification

On receiving the goods, the purchaser must inspect them and note any visible damage in transport on the consignment note before signing. Concealed transport damage must be notified no later than seven days following receipt. Notification in both these cases must be made to the transport company stated on the consignment note with request for inspection.
When problems that are not related to damage in transport are discovered with a product, the complaint must be notified to the Nexans customer service group using the complaint form on this website (see link below).
To enable complaint notifications to be dealt with as efficiently as possible, the following particulars should be specified in the notification.
Order number
Article number
Cause of fault

2.  Return of products

Returns must not be sent until a notification of complaint has been made and a return number has been received to acknowledge the recipient’s notification. The purchaser is responsible for providing evidence of the cause of fault in the form of one or more samples sent to Nexans. The optimum is for the sample to be in the same condition as on delivery by the seller and not to have been removed from an installation.

  • Labelling. When a sample or a product that is the subject of complaint is returned, the return must be labelled with a complaint number which Nexans will issue on receiving the complaint. Products that are returned without a return number will not be credited.
  • Packaging. To avoid damage in transport, it is extremely important that the goods are packed in such a way that damage in transport is prevented.  Follow the instructions on “Correct handling of our cable products”, which can be downloaded from this website.
    Send the product back in its original packaging wherever possible. Bear in mind that fibre-optic cable on a drum must be transported upright.
    Please bear in mind that the compensation you receive for the goods you return is based on the condition the goods are in when they arrive.
  •  Documentation. A document containing a detailed fault description must be sent to Nexans no later than together with the return.
  • Measurement log. If field testing of the installed product has taken place, relevant measurement logs must be attached to the return or sent by e-mail/fax to Nexans.
  • Carriage. In cases where the return is due to a fault on the part of Nexans, Nexans will bear the cost of carriage. Carriage should be ordered as below.

    Alternative 1 The consignment has to be returned to Nexans in Grimsås.
    Nexans Sweden AB
    SE-514 81 Grimsås

    o Carriage is to be ordered through Schenker, quoting our customer number 10 348 241.

    Alternative 2 The consignment has to be returned to Schenker Logistics
    Schenker Logistics AB
    Port 11
    Telegatan 2
    SE-571 85 Nässjö

    o Carriage is to be ordered through Schenker, quoting our customer number 3607702

3. Case management

  • Under the terms of supply, the seller is not obliged to compensate for cost of labour. In the case of larger complaints, Nexans should be contacted for advice concerning possible re-installation, before the product is replaced.
  • Nexans will investigate the cause of fault as quickly as possible and take corrective action.
  • When the investigation is complete, Nexans will inform the purchaser that the complaint is upheld or rejected.

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