Better rules - Better cables

From July 1, the new CPR regulation for cables begins to apply. At Midroc Electro, they are pleased to see that the cables seem to retain their good qualities.

Kabelvärden nr 1, 2017Purchaser Jan Lindgren has durijng the spring educated all project managers at Midroc Electro about the new CPR regulations. And there's really no reason to stress, he says.

- It's just new rules. And because there is a regulatory framework, just follow the rules. There is nothing strange about that.



The full story is available in Swedish through the pdf file to the right. It is the top story from our customer magazine Kabelvärden no 2, 2016, now on the way to its subscribers.

Kabelvärden is published twice a year, spring and autumn, and is addressed to people who work with, use or have influence on the choice of cables.

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