We have a winner!

Then the winner of our competition during the SSNF's Årskonferens is chosen.

During the Annual Conference, we conducted a competition where you had the opportunity to win a nice barbecue.

Here are the questions and answers:

What climate are our Ultimate cables adapted for? Nordic climate
How many colors are our Facade Cabinets in?  Seven pieces
How thin is our new Ultimate cable? 7.9 mm

There were many who knew the answers, which is gratifying, so we are glad that we had an arbitration question that helped us find a winner. It read "How many meters of fiber cable do we sell in a year?" There were many guesses and motivations but ........

The winner was ........

Thibaud Herman from Servanet!! He was all right and that he guessed next

the arbitration issue - 15,000,000 meters.

Congratulations Thibaud!

Below grill will be sent to him. Hope it will be useful this summer.


Many thanks to everyone who participated in the competition and visited us during the conference. Extra fun to be able to "meet" you in these times.

If you want to watch our film that was shown during Årskonferensen, you can watch it here.


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