New family member - FQLQ Easy ™

The Easy ™ family is expanded with another family member, FQLQ Easy ™. A 7-conductor that is very easy-scaled.

Of course, it has all the other features that our Easy cables have. For indoor, outdoor and ground protection with mechanical protection. Highly suitable for use with combined power and control cables in the same cable. Can also be used for motor units with signal function.

The parties are colored with the colors brown, black, gray, blue, yellow / green, orange and white. The jacket is marked with  type / manufacturer / year + month / metering.
FQLQ Easy ™ meets fire class Dcas2d2a2 according to CPR. The outer shell of the cable is UV-protected for outdoor installation while the lead insulation is to be protected against direct UV light that may occur, for example, in lighting fixtures and light signs.

Delivered on plywoodbobin PW6 that fits our Cable Walker Cable Walker or on the drum.

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