Smart shearable screw for high-performance cable connections

The bi-beheaded screw

This patented double shear-off-head screw establishes optimum clamping force for a wide range of cross-sections of power cable conductors in low-voltage applications. The mechanical screw is quick and easy to install with a standard Allen key. The breaking off of the cap confirms safe and persistent installation.

Piggy-back pressure

The newly-developed screw has two shear-off caps mounted piggyback on each other, both with hexagonal sockets at the center. Unlike conventional “threaded” shearable screws, it exerts maximum pressing force on the largest conductors, and minimum force on the smallest conductors.

Simplified connectivity

This new D-Series mechanical power connector allows connection of the same or various cross-sections and conductor materials between 1.5 to 240 mm². To safely connect conductors in this range, only three types of D-Series connectors are necessary. Thus, one mechanical connector replaces several types of traditional compression joints. Lower stocks allow our customers to economize and adapt at reasonable cost, while Nexans obtains planning advantages by standardized manufacturing. Assembling these connectors requires no special or crimping tools.

Competitive portfolio

Nexans holds European and US patents for the smart shearable screw, which lays the foundation for a new, competitive low-voltage product, and helps us to further consolidate our product portfolio. Since the market launch of the D-Series, we have already won a tender from a major utility, while Nexans’ wholesale distribution channels opened new markets for us. Currently we are developing the appropriate mechanical cable lug for this low-voltage series. While the trend in medium voltage tends towards larger conductor cross-sections, this proves that we can also offer a wide range of solutions for low-voltage applications.